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Garter Stitch Hat

Free Pattern from Red Oak Designs

Hat without brim rolled.

Entire hat is worked in garter stitch (knitting every row) on #11 or #13 needles from the top down.  Use any combination of yarns to get a gauge of  2" to 2 and 1/2" per inch.
Cast on 13 stitches.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Knit increasing 6 sts. evenly acrossed the row
Repeat these two rows until hat is big enough to fit circumference of head. 55 stitches is a good estimate.  You may need to work more or fewer increase rows to fit. 
When you have the cicumference you want , knit every row until hat is long enough to fold back brim.  Or until you run out of yarn!  Bind of loosely and sew up, finish off ends.

Cute, quick and easy!