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Felted and Furry Purse



Pattern Given for 2 sizes.

Approximate Finished Sizes: Sm. 10 x 4 x 3, Med. 14 x 7 x 4.5, Size can also be determined by the length of felting.

Supplies: 250-300 yards worsted weight 100% wool (Machine washable will NOT felt)

100-200 Yards fun fur, eyelash, novelty yarn, etc.

Size 11 – 24" circular needle, same size double pointed needles (2 needed), stitch markers



Knit a rectangle as follows:

Cast on with wool (32, 48) sts. Knit one row. Join fur with yarn, you are now knitting with 2 strands. Knit (garter stitch) for approximately (6, 8) inches. Fur can be used on every row or dropped every 4 rows and rejoined after 2 rows. This will save on fur and will still be "furry" when felted.

Picking up side of purse: with wool only,

Knit across row of (32, 48) sts, place marker (pm),

Pick up and knit (20, 28) sts along short side of rectangle, pm.

Pick up and knit (32, 48) sts along long side of rectangle, pm.

Pick up and knit (20, 28) sts along short side (last side), pm.

Stitches should be picked up around all four side of rectangle.

Beginning marker should be a different color.


Join and knit in the round, slipping markers and knit with both strands again for approximately (7", 10"). Knit as deep as you want remembering you still have to use wool for the flap and handle.

Remember, you can drop fur every 4 rounds (don’t break yarn), knit with wool alone for 2 rounds then rejoin fur. On the last row before eyelet row; stop 4 stitches before beginning marker.

EYELETS, for inserting handles:

Knit with both strands together.

* Knit to within 4 sts of marker, yo, k2tog, k2, pass marker, k2, yo, k2tog*

Repeat all around purse. You should have 8 eyelets.

Knit 2 more rounds using both yarns. Drop fur.


Using only wool. Cast on (2, 4) sts. (This can be done by inserting right needle in stitch (as if to knit), wrap yarn and pull loop through (just as knitting), but do not slip st off left needle. Place this loop on left needle, this adds one st. Do this (1, 3) more times to add (2, 4) sts. *K(2, 4) k2tog*, slip these (3, 5) back onto left needed and repeat * to *. Repeat until there are (3, 5) sts remaining on left needle, break yarn, leaving about 8" of yarn. With darning needle, take yarn through remaining (3, 5) sts and sew to beginning of I-cord. Weave in remaining thread to secure.


Make 70" – 90" of (5, 7) st I-cord for handle.

On double point needle, CO (5, 7) sts. Knit these (5, 7) sts. *DO NOT turn the needle, but slide sts to other end of DPN. With yarn carried in back pulling from the leftmost stitch, knit the stitches again*. Tug on cording every so often to make sure it is tight. Repeat from * to * until desired length. Bind off last (5, 7) as usual or cut tail and thread through sts leaving a tail to sew end of I-cord together after it is threaded through eyelets.


Beginning at the top left on any side, thread I-cord through from front to back, then back to front on next eyelet. Continue until I-cord is through all 8 eyelets. Sew 2 ends of I-cord together. Weave in threads, making a strong join.


Pick up and knit (24, 40) sts between eyelet holes on one long side of purse. Knit Stockinette st. for about (3", 4.5"), then begin decreasing one st. each side on every 3 rd row to narrow the flap.

When you have about (18, 28) sts, make a buttonhole: On K row, bind off center two stitches of row. Next row (P): cast on two stitches in over bind off sts. You might decide by sight where you want the buttonhole. Continue with the flap until the desire length. You may continue decreasing to make a point or bind off sooner for a more square edge.

Cut yarn, weave in end.


Place purse in pillow case or lingerie bag to wash. This will keep the strap from tangling and also protect the washer from lint. Wash on regular wash cycle, Hot wash, Cold rinse. If you add some towels or tennis balls or shoes it helps the felting, but will felt fine without. After one agitation (NO RINSE), take out of the net bag, shape your purse, tug on the handles if they are getting too short or twisted, shape flap and make sure the button hole is open. Place purse back in bag, reset washer to agitate. Keep agitating and checking until you have the size and shape you want. Rinse in cold water. Shape and lay flat to dry.


Use a self-striping feltable wool alone

Use other novelty yarns, eyelash, ribbon, just one or multiple

Instead of a buttonhole – use a magnetic closure, fancy button, brooch

Hang beads from flap to hold it closed

Don’t use fur on bottom – just on sides

Place covered foam board in bottom of purse for stability

Knit on larger needles with 2 strands of different colored wool

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